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June 2009

The rise of large events

January 2009
Activity Report 2008

UITP European Department's Activity Report for the year 2008.

January 2009

Why focus on appraisal?

January 2009
CC Simon Forsyth

Breaking the vicious circle of car dependence

October 2008
Towards sustainable urban transport

Multilingual English, French, German, Spanish and Italian version.

June 2008

This report presents the public transport environment on the African continent emphasising notably the level of regulatory and institutional reform, operational mechanisms and the past and current threats to the proper functioning of the transport system.

January 2008
Activity Report 2007

UITP European Department's Activity Report for the year 2007.

November 2007

This publication presents the result of a survey on the bus fleet in the European Union, conducted in 2007.


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