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November 2018

The UITP Bus Tender Structure Report represents some of the latest work from the UITP Bus Committee.

October 2018

Car reliance generates adverse effects that negatively impact the health of citizens.

October 2018

This Action Points paper highlights the necessity of the sector, particularly for Public Transport Operators (PTO) and Public Transport Authorities (PTA) to develop a data strategy, based on the co

September 2018

For this new metro Statistics Brief UITP has collected exhaustive data for a series of key indicators for all metros in the world including ridership, number of lines, network length, number of sta

September 2018

Video surveillance is a very common technology used in public transport, especially for security purposes.

July 2018

The Policy Brief, ‘Public transport as an instrument for urban regeneration’, summarises that public transport is an essential instrument for urban regeneration as part of a city’s strategy.


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