Sustainable transport options for Australia’s burgeoning cities

Elevated metro in Sydney

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Australia is a highly urbanised country with nearly 90% of the population currently living in urban areas. Its major cities are continuing to grow both in population and geographical size.  Melbourne is expected to overtake Sydney as Australia’s largest city by 2050, with an estimated population over 7 million.

With rapid population growth centred on key urban areas, the infrastructure demands for transport and mobility in Australia are great. Developing infrastructure and public transport plays a vital role in accompanying urban growth to build more sustainable and less car-reliant cities.

Historically, urban public transport infrastructure has funded and provided at a State and local government level, with Federal level funding mainly being prioritised for road infrastructure. State governments across Australia are investing in public transport infrastructure projects for major cities.

The following ambitious projects and investments are just some examples of city-changing infrastructure designed to provide sustainable options to meet the mobility needs of Australia into the future:



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