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PTI 3/2014: HR and management, out of focus?

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Of the thousands of contacts in UITP’s database, less than 10% have expressed an interest in the subjects of human resources and management.

Why is this?

It may be because of the fact that personnel costs account for up to 80% of operational costs, and public transport companies are more likely to see staff principally as a burdensome financial issue. However, the key to performance and productivity lies in the ability of the company to turn this cost factor into a success factor.

Smart Cities: “Climate problems are local, they need local solutions”

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A “Smart City” refers to modern urban growth that places strong emphasis on technology as well as social and environmental capital in making cities productive and competitive.

This ‘environmental capital’ is one of the cornerstones that will drive future of our ever-expanding cities, but it’s also one of the elements most under threat.

UITP wants to remind policy-makers and the wider public that public transport has the means on the ground to mitigate climate catastrophe and to play a leading role in making cities of the future ‘smart’.


Planning tomorrow’s smart city: Turning plans into reality

Numerous cities world-wide are thinking of, or have written Integrated Mobility Plans (IMPs). The objective of this seminar is to share best practice on how to turn plans into reality and how technology can help to make cities smart. An Integrated Mobility Plan provides a vision for successful urban mobility, and ensures that people and places can connect, now and in the future.
Five key success principles have been identified by UITP:

Connecting people and places: Integrated mobility plans for sustainable cities

These Action Points aim to present the need for Integrated Mobility Plans (IMPs) at a city/regional level, while providing specific recommendations for public transport sector stakeholders. Indeed, as public transport plays a key role in guaranteeing the success of an IMP, we need to ensure that sustainable mobility is at the forefront during the conception and implementation phases of an IMP.


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