combined mobility

New mobility services: managing change and disruption

Current technological developments have led to new mobility services. These services are contributing to the restructuring of urban mobility systems, just as motorised transport has done in the past. Technology has helped raise the public interest for shared goods and services. The notion of sharing journeys on an on-demand basis is now widespread practice. Such novel practices are fundamentally transforming cities and the way people move around, a trend that could accelerate if combined with the development of automated vehicles (AVs) and artificial intelligence (AI).


Automated Mobility Conference - Changing the game of urban mobility

Explore how fleets of shared automated vehicles can be integrated into public transport to offer an upgraded urban mobility system with better mobility options for all.

This one-day event is designed to keep you up-to-date with the latest developments in automated vehicles (AV) in public transport, specifically road transport.

Programme Preview: 

High-level panel discussion

Ready for MaaS? Easier mobility for citizens and better data for cities

As the number and diversity of urban mobility services is rapidly growing around the world, it’s no surprise that MaaS is the next hot topic.

The new UITP Policy Brief, 'Ready for MaaS? Accelerating easier mobility for citizens and better data for cities' aims at giving authorities precious insights into the opportunities and measures to be taken. 


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