Public transport: a data-driven business

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As public transport becomes increasingly digitised, high quality data is the foundation of everything we will do in the future. But for now, there is still plenty of ambiguity around data: who owns it, who should be able to access it, who should bear the costs and so on. It is now urgent to find win-win data-sharing solutions (what to share, how and with whom) to make the most of the gold mine the industry is sitting on.


IT-TRANS Conference & Exhibition 2018


Information Technology (IT) has a rapidly growing influence on public and urban transport; from how our systems, operations and services are defined and managed, to its effect on travellers’ behaviour and expectations. The explosion in the volume of available data is expected to accompany greater intelligence in the management of systems and customer relations. It will increase the need for interoperable solutions as well as for smarter and integrated systems, whether it be for network management, information or ticketing. 


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