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Bus training programmes in 2016-2017: Electric Buses and more topics

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As part of the development of its activities, the UITP Centre for Training launched new programmes on different aspects of bus transportation. One of the new programmes focused on Electric Buses based on the experience gathered with the EU funded ZeEUS project. A first pilot edition took place in Warsaw, Poland, on 7-8 April 2016 and given its success, the UITP Centre for Training organised a second edition on 26-28 September 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland.

ZeEUS launches its E-Bus Observatory!

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With a growing number of electric buses of high capacity experiences around the globe today, time has come to closely follow electric bus deployment and to provide a global picture of the electric bus market in Europe.

The ZeEUS Observatory brings together the widest set of direct experiences with electric urban buses that are running or will run in the next years in Europe through the Group of Observed Sites.


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