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New Statistics Brief: public transport ridership in EU highest since 2000

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UITP is launching its first annual publication that tracks and analyses public transport demand trends in the EU Member States.

Nearly 57 billion local public transport journeys were made in the European Union in 2012. The pace of growth in public transport journeys since 2000 reflects fluctuations of the economic situation, the growth in urban population and some signs of emerging changes in urban mobility patterns.

Local public transport trends in the European Union

UITP is launching its first annual publication that tracks and analyses public transport demand trends in the EU Member States. This UITP statistics publication, the first in a coming series, provides detailed figures by country and the breakdown of journeys by public transport mode in urban and suburban areas. It’s the first comprehensive effort to gather and analyse local public transport ridership data by country in the whole of the EU.

2nd European Electromobility Stakeholder Forum

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The challenges, obstacles and opportunities to deliver an effective electromobility system in Europe were addressed and discussed over two days at the 2nd European Electromobility Stakeholder Forum Meeting in Brussels on the 4th and 5th of June. ZeEUS coordinated by UITP, Green eMotion and FREVUE as the three flagship electromobility projects of the European Commission jointly presented their findings and plans on electromobility in Europe across a number of common themes for electrified passengers cars, freight vehicles and urban buses.

Organisation and major players of short-distance public transport in the European Union

The report analyses the organisation of public transport in the EU in the light of the Member States’ gradual adaptation of the European Union’s Regulation 1370/2007 on the organisation of public passenger transport services.

For the countries covered, the publication also provides the number of passenger journeys undertaken by urban public transport, the length of infrastructure for metro and light rail, as well as the number of employees and the market structure for urban public transport at the national level.

Publication format: Hardcopy - Full Colour

UITP contributes to the European Commission’s consultation on the future of VAT

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The Commission adopted in December 2011 a Communication on the future of VAT that sets out the fundamental characteristics that must underlie the new VAT regime, and priority actions needed to create a simpler, more efficient and more robust VAT system in the EU. One of the priority areas in this regard is the review and possible revision of the VAT rules on the public sector including the special rules for public bodies and the tax exemptions in the public interest.


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