The value of public transport: how to implement Land Value Capture

LVC is more than just a funding method; it is about creating a governance framework that integrates transport and land use, so that developments can be undertaken jointly for an optimised urban environment. To implement LVC, there is a need to rethink how we plan and deliver transport infrastructure and services in relation to the city. This includes reconsidering the way we value the benefits of public transport, at both the institutional and societal levels, and how we communicate these benefits to make LVC acceptable to the widest range of stakeholders, land users in particular.

Public transport as an instrument for urban regeneration

The Policy Brief, ‘Public transport as an instrument for urban regeneration’, summarises that public transport is an essential instrument for urban regeneration as part of a city’s strategy.

Urban regeneration means closing the gap between the wealthiest and poorest populations by improving the physical infrastructure of a deprived pace and increasing access to a city’s life opportunities to tackle social exclusion and support the local economy.


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