Art in transit: the Fulton Centre in New York

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The second edition of the Art in Transit workshop took place at the beginning of December in London. This unique event was not only an opportunity to listen and learn from experts but also to exchange knowledge on art and to take the time to reflect about its importance in our daily lives, in culture and in public transport.

Different questions were addressed during the day ranging from the benefit of integrated art programmes in public transport to the maintenance of art works and cultural assets.


Go Smart - Go Rail

The competitiveness and sustainability of cities are at the core of the Smart Cities concept – in our increasingly urbanised and global world, a city or region’s success is dependent on its capacity to attract talent and business, through the development of intelligent, networked infrastructure, a competitive, business-friendly environment and a balanced, inclusive and sustainable growth strategy.

Lifestyle services: staying connected whilst in the metro

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The expectations of today’s travellers are ever more demanding: urbanites are a mobile and hyper-connected community. With the evolution from conventional mobile phones to smart devices (phone, tablets, etc.), people expect uninterrupted and fast broadband connection wherever they are even when travelling in underground metros.

Internet connectivity is thus becoming a subject of paramount importance for the attractiveness and competitiveness of metros.


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