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Training for Managers in Public Transport 2016-2017 (three modules: Helsinki, Shenzhen, Madrid)

The UITP Training Programme for Managers in Public Transport is a yearlong course composed of three main modules (taking place in Helsinki, Shenzhen and Madrid) and additional online sessions organised between the modules. 
Reach your objectives
  • Broaden your knowledge and understanding of global mobility issues and benefit from a comprehensive overview of public transport systems worldwide;


Training on Data collection, measurement and benchmarking in public transport

Objectives of the course

Sound business intelligence is needed to support decision-makers and hence to improve the performance of mobility in a city or the efficiency of a public transport network. To achieve this, data needs to generate results, whether it be for operations management, transport planning, policy-making or strategic decision-making. Moreover, today’s complexity and abundance of data makes it ever more difficult for transport professionals to sort out the most useful information.


Training on Security Management & Systems in Public Transport

Security threats in public transport range from pick-pocketing to assault to terrorism. Protecting passengers, staff and transport assets is more and more challenging.

This training programme instructs participants on how to organize security in their networks, from risk analysis to implementing measures, investing in technology and responding to incidents.


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