Public transport

Becoming a real mobility provider - Combined Mobility: public transport in synergy with other modes like car-sharing, taxi and cycling

Modern mobility is based on flexibility and a high level of convenience. Combined Mobility is the answer: carsharing, taxis and shared taxis, bicycle and bike-sharing, car-pooling, demand-responsive transport, car-rental, etc., are services that can complement the classic fixed line- and timetable-bound public transport services and, together with walking, they form a complete and coherent mobility solution.

Public transport: creating green jobs and stimulating inclusive growth

This Policy Brief demonstrates that public transport is an essential ingredient of green and inclusive growth. It highlights the characteristics of jobs in the public transport industry (operators, authorities, and supply chain) and shows how the development of public transport supports the local economy. Recommendations are provided on how to optimise the potential of public transport to foster green growth and job creation.


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