MONTHLY FOCUS: What do we talk about when we talk about security?

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This month on, we’ve decided to focus on the issue of security on public transport.

What do we talk about when we talk about security on public transport?

Good question. Often, when people think of security on public transport networks, they tend to think of terrorism, but that’s only one part of it. Here at UITP, when we talk about security on networks, a key focus is the day-to-day operation of service and the efforts to make public transport an attractive, pleasant and secure experience for everyone.

Securing public transport for large events

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Big events inevitably mean large numbers of people congregating in a specific time and place, which is where public transport comes in, transporting spectators, sponsors and occasionally athletes between venues.

Given the fact that major events, such as the Olympic Games, are a potential target for terrorist or criminal acts, securing the event in general and the protection of passengers and transport infrastructure in particular is a priority.


1st Security Workshop in Sao Paulo

Graffiti and vandalism are a growing concern for public transport operators besides causing economic damage, they strongly affect people's perceptions of crime and personal security. They give the impression that the area is unmanaged and out of control.  The most effective integrated approaches are from prevention to repression through design, staff presence, technology, education and cooperation.   A key issue addressing the problem is sharing data and information amongst stakeholders, both on a local and international level.

Upgrade your knowledge of public transport with UITP experts!

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UITP has been organising training programmes worldwide on various public transport topics since 2012. Our flagship product remains the training programme for public transport managers organised every year in three different cities and targeting high potentials in the sector.

Besides this very comprehensive course, other programmes have been added to our portfolio: the training programme on public transport fundamentals for newcomers in the business; the Security Risk Assessment course; Contracting for better public transport and others, also at regional level.

Priority Working Programme

Approach and priority topics

The Integrated Global Work Programme consists of the topics covered by UITP working bodies (Committees, Commissions, Platforms, Projects Teams, Centres of Transport Excellence, Secretariat) and the deliverables they produce.

The Integrated Global Work Programme is approved by the Policy Board on behalf of the General Assembly. It is steered by the PresCom who gathers the chairpersons of Committees and Commissions, Platforms and representatives of Centres of Transport Excellence as well as the UITP Secretariat.


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