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Smart traffic-beating solutions in the Oslo region

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When Oslo’s former main airport, Fornebu, was decommissioned in 1998 attention turned to how best make use of the land situated just outside the city. The whole site has since been redeveloped and is now a sizeable business park, boasting some 20,000 jobs and almost 8,000 new apartments.

A rail connection to the city was envisaged initially, but proved difficult to agree on politically. Years of discussions ensued: which rail system to adopt? Driverless? Traditional heavy rail? Light rail or metro link? Or even a monorail?

Smart cities: where does public transport come in?

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Our grandparents never could have imagined that one day we would be able to use tiny hand-held devices to shop for clothes while on the metro, measure how much pollution our journey produces, or find a parking space in a crowded city centre.

Technology has the ability to connect the different parts of our everyday lives, and that, as simple as it sounds, is the entire premise of smart cities. A relatively recent term, smart cities has come under fire for being too hype, too vague or too commercial, or all of the above. But that’s because it’s early days yet.

UITP Rail Conference confirmed for October 2015

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For nearly two centuries, rail transport has had a long tradition of serving millions of travellers every day. While the development of high speed rail has brought cities closer, it is within the boundaries of metropolitan areas that the overwhelming majority of rail journeys are made, with 100 billion trips now made on metros and trams every year around the world...


Go Smart - Go Rail

The competitiveness and sustainability of cities are at the core of the Smart Cities concept – in our increasingly urbanised and global world, a city or region’s success is dependent on its capacity to attract talent and business, through the development of intelligent, networked infrastructure, a competitive, business-friendly environment and a balanced, inclusive and sustainable growth strategy.


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