Local public transport in the European Union

UITP’s publication that tracks and analyses public transport demand in EU Member States is back. This UITP statistics publication provides detailed figures by country and the breakdown of journeys by public transport mode.

The 2016 ‘Local public transport in the European Union’ Statistics Brief illustrates that 2014 saw the highest number of local public transport journeys in the 28 EU Member States since the turn of the millennium.


Training on Data collection, measurement and benchmarking in public transport

Objectives of the course

Sound business intelligence is needed to support decision-makers and hence to improve the performance of mobility in a city or the efficiency of a public transport network. To achieve this, data needs to generate results, whether it be for operations management, transport planning, policy-making or strategic decision-making. Moreover, today’s complexity and abundance of data makes it ever more difficult for transport professionals to sort out the most useful information.


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