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The UITP Centre for Training is covering more than 60 topics in public transport. In order to help us better understand your training needs, we invite you to fill in a short survey (5 minutes). Send us your replies before 30 June and we will offer you a discount of up to 150€* applicable on your next training programme.

* Terms and conditions are available on the online survey.

Bus training programmes in 2016-2017: Electric Buses and more topics

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As part of the development of its activities, the UITP Centre for Training launched new programmes on different aspects of bus transportation. One of the new programmes focused on Electric Buses based on the experience gathered with the EU funded ZeEUS project. A first pilot edition took place in Warsaw, Poland, on 7-8 April 2016 and given its success, the UITP Centre for Training organised a second edition on 26-28 September 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Benefits of training

UITP Training Programmes to  improve the performance of your organisation

Improve your background knowledge

  •  Broaden the skills with international and theoretical content
  •  Learn more about transport and sustainable mobility principles
  •  Stand back from day-to-day work and get the broader picture

Broaden your skills through best practice and on-the ground experience sharing


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