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PTI 3/2014: HR and management, out of focus?

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Of the thousands of contacts in UITP’s database, less than 10% have expressed an interest in the subjects of human resources and management.

Why is this?

It may be because of the fact that personnel costs account for up to 80% of operational costs, and public transport companies are more likely to see staff principally as a burdensome financial issue. However, the key to performance and productivity lies in the ability of the company to turn this cost factor into a success factor.

Book your stand at the biggest event in public transport

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The UITP World Congress and Exhibition is the biggest event in public transport and the 2015 edition in Milan will be no exception. The Exhibition is a showcase for the very latest developments and innovations the public transport industry has to offer, with over 320 international exhibitors flocking to Geneva to display their wares at the last edition in 2013. 

The benefits of open data

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Over the last two months we have taken an in-depth look at how new technologies and open data are transforming how we think about public transport. We present here an overview of the benefits of open data for the public transport sector, its customers, the economy as a whole and how it all works.

Should you have questions on this topic, don't hesitate to contact our experts: jarl.eliassen(at)uitp.org and johan.van.ieperen(at)uitp.org


Civitas Forum 2014

The 12th edition of the annual CIVITAS Forum Conference will take place between 23rd and 26th September 2014 in Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco.
Casablanca will be the first non-European city hosting the CIVITAS forum conference. The choice of Casablanca as CIVITAS forum 2014 host officially seals the cooperation in the urban mobility field between the EuroMed transport project stakeholders and the CIVITAS Initiative.

And the winner is...

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Urban mobility in 2014 is obviously an inspiring theme! Many of you were enthusiastic and proposed great slogans, showing optimism and involvement. Yet our jury can select only one winner…

Because of its insight, its accuracy and its concision, we unanimously voted for this sentence:

“In 2014, urban mobility will be a driver of innovation to build the cities of tomorrow.”



Congratulations to Mrs Juliette Bézos from Adetel Equipment SA (France) who wrote this wire post!


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