Urban planning

Smart Cities: “Climate problems are local, they need local solutions”

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A “Smart City” refers to modern urban growth that places strong emphasis on technology as well as social and environmental capital in making cities productive and competitive.

This ‘environmental capital’ is one of the cornerstones that will drive future of our ever-expanding cities, but it’s also one of the elements most under threat.

UITP wants to remind policy-makers and the wider public that public transport has the means on the ground to mitigate climate catastrophe and to play a leading role in making cities of the future ‘smart’.

Priority Working Programme

Approach and priority topics

The Integrated Global Work Programme consists of the topics covered by UITP working bodies (Committees, Commissions, Platforms, Projects Teams, Centres of Transport Excellence, Secretariat) and the deliverables they produce.

The Integrated Global Work Programme is approved by the Policy Board on behalf of the General Assembly. It is steered by the PresCom who gathers the chairpersons of Committees and Commissions, Platforms and representatives of Centres of Transport Excellence as well as the UITP Secretariat.


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