The Mobility as a Service (MaaS) success story: WienMobil

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As more and more public transport operators look for more digital and multimodal mobility solutions, Wiener Linien seems to have hit the nail on the head. Daniela Wieser, Project Coordinator for Mobility from Wiener Linien, speaks about the successful Mobility as a Service (MaaS) that has been launched in Vienna, Austria since June 2017:  WienMobil.

WienMobil is an app which allows users to completely plan, book and pay for their journeys from door to door, using all different modes of transportation, as well as providing personalised journey planning. You can choose journeys based on any preferences, and also see how much energy and money you save by using the modes of transport you choose.

Ms. Daniela Wieser kindly agreed to share some further insight into the WienMobil project, and her vision of the future of mobility.

What is innovative or different about the WienMobil combined mobility solution in comparison with other solutions we’ve already seen in other cities?

WienMobil offers simple and convenient access to bus, tram and metro but also to all publicly available mobility services such as e-loading stations, parking garages, taxis, bike or car sharing, and car rentals. This is something we haven’t seen to this extent in other cities.

It also provides real-time information about journeys and routing, and users can buy tickets for all these modes from one app.

Furthermore, WienMobil offers a detailed registration process, with more preference options than ever to personalise your journey. For instance, users can select favourites, such as walking speed, walking distances, preferred modes, among many other choices. We have a customer-centric vision at Wienier Linien, so we are interested in constantly improving the usability of our app. We are quite reactive to customer feedback which helps us keep up with the changing pace of what our customers need.

What is the impact of WienMobil from the customer’s perspective? 

There has been a lot of positive feedback since it was launched in June. Most people are happy about the new design and especially about the new functions, like the integration of other mobility services. People also appreciate the combination of routing and ticketing in one app.

WienMobil makes all modes of transportation more transparent and accessible. It offers an easy, door-to-door solution without the use of a private car.

How does the future of mobility look in your mind?

If I imagine the best case scenario, further in the future, there won’t be any private cars as we know them today. My hope is that instead of private cars on the road, we will find shared autonomous vehicles.

Daniela Wieser is also a speaker at our UITP organised MaaS workshop held in Paris, France on 18 October to cover the theme “How to make an integrated mobility solution successful”, and share the success story of WienMobil.

Find out more about the move towards more digital solutions in Vienna and the UITP Metropolitan Railways Assembly here.

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