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Visibility Opportunities

At UITP we are open to partnerships and eager to work with different mobility-related organisations. Partnering with UITP for our numerous events, initiatives and activities allows you to increase the exposure for your brand at the biggest local and global events dedicated to developing the mobility sector and increasing its sustainability. Our events attract a wide variety of stakeholders which you can meet face-to-face: from transport ministers, mayors, operators, authorities to urban visionaries, public transport entrepreneurs, ITS experts, business developers and many more. One of the biggest and most important events we host is the UITP Global Public Transport Summit: a global and unique platform for public transport professionals, with a history spanning 130 years.

5 Reasons to Sponsor & Advertise at UITP Activities
1. Gaining huge visibility and brand awareness among key decision makers and potential buyers in the public transport sector.
2. Strengthening your business image by linking your business to a worthy cause. Customers love brands that care about dispatching positive messages and helping the public transport community. This can draw as well the media attention.
3. Advertising to a specific online communities will provide you with multiple opportunities to communicate directly to your target audience your state of the art solutions and vision.
4. Maximising the visibility of your brand by linking it to a well-established events. You sponsor Sessions, social activities, Registrations, Apps, lanyards and giveaways to deliver your sales message in a bold new way, boosting your customer acquisition and lead generation strategies.
5. Developing new partnerships, investments and innovative projects by being at the forefront of our networking opportunities.

Partnership Opportunities

Events Sponsorships
Association Sponsorships


  • UITP Staff

    Hicham BADRAN

    Director of Exhibitions & Business Partnerships
    Membership, Marketing & Services
  • UITP Staff

    Doriano ANGOTZI

    Exhibitions and Business Partnerships Sales Manager
    Membership, Marketing & Services
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