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A little background

Although often overlooked in the common understanding of ‘public transport’, passenger waterborne transport is one of the important means of moving people, mostly in areas that are not serviced by other transport modes due to geographical constraints, or that can be easily reached using waterways.

In recent years, with the development and rejuvenation of waterfronts coupled with increased congestion in cities, waterborne public transport services have become an integral part of the urban landscape for cities. This transport mode is unique as it offers an additional experience of seeing cities from a different, beautiful perspective: it’s a practical attraction!

Passenger ferries, water taxis, buses and trams run on rivers as well as bigger coastal regions, depending on the geographical location, for example London, a river city, or islands such as Bermuda.

What do we do?

UITP brings together members involved in waterborne operations in the UITP Waterborne Committee. It aims to increase awareness, improve waterborne public transport standards and services and to exchange and develop knowledge on issues such as accessibility, local environment, system integration and intermodality, safety and terminal design.

By promoting the interests of this transport mode, the Committee also advocates to ensure waterborne plays its full role as part of a sustainable and urban public transport system.


  • UITP Staff


    Manager - Knowledge & Innovation
    Knowledge & Innovation
  • UITP Staff


    Officer - Knowledge & Innovation
    Knowledge & Innovation
  • Committee Chair

    Martin LOBMEYER

    Technical Director
    Hadag Seetouristik und Fährdienst AG
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