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Copenhagen, Denmark - May 24, 2016: Cyclists cross the street on a dedicated line in front of the city hall in Denmark capital city on a sunny summer day.

Combined Mobility


A little background

Our evolving sector is booming with a vast array of transport services: from metros and buses, to the sharing of bikes, cars or e-scooters, taxis and other on-demand services as well as Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) offerings. Yet, this availability of transport services alone does not necessarily enable smooth multimodality and generate a more sustainable and inclusive mobility system. Combined mobility is a strategy which looks at how to develop synergies between mass public transport and other mobility services, with the aim of providing better mobility options for citizens as a real alternative to the private car while building a more sustainable mobility system for the common good.

While mass public transport is the backbone of urban mobility, new mobility services can provide a flexible solution in the first and last mile. Or they can be especially useful to help reach city outskirts and suburbs or less accessible sites, and at non-peak hours when traditional transport modes are not running. The complementarity between the different modes of public transport provide travellers with safe, reliable and accessible mobility from door to door.

What do we do?

Combined mobility is made even easier through Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions. MaaS is all about the integration of and access to different transport services in one digital mobility offer (often in the form of a mobile app). This tailor-made service suggests the most suitable solutions based on the traveller’s needs and preferences, ensuring a seamless door-to-door journey.

UITP’s Combined Mobility Committee investigates the integration of different modes and potential for operational synergies, and further identifies missing services in operators’ product portfolios to become true mobility providers.


  • UITP Staff

    Arthur CORMIER

    Unit Officer
    Knowledge & Innovation
  • UITP Staff

    Lidia SIGNOR

    Combined Mobility Manager
    Knowledge & Innovation
  • Committee Chair

    Endre ANGELVIK

    Vice President Mobility Services
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