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A little background

It is safe to say that security is of primary concern for the public transport industry. Of course, travellers expect safe transportation and so ensuring safety is fundamental for confidence in the sector. From passenger crowding to terrorist attacks, incidents can range from relatively minor routine emergencies to full-scale crisis management. Improving security systems can help public transport operators increase ridership thanks to a more secure, and therefore more attractive service.

Naturally, safety and security go hand in hand and it is hard to talk about one without the other. Safety is being secure against unintended threats while security is the protection against deliberate threats. Cybersecurity, threat monitoring and video surveillance are some of the many ways the public transport sector can predict and prevent risks, ensuring the safety of its employees and passengers.

Video surveillance is used for more than just recorded evidence. The real-time possibilities offered by modern IP video systems are increasingly being used to manage incidents as and when they occur.
Patrik Anderson
Director Business Development Transportation, Axis Communications (UITP member)

What do we do?

The UITP Security Committee works endlessly to address all of these potential threats and provides a platform of exchange so that our members from around the world can help each other with best practices gained through experience.


  • UITP Staff

    Cynthia MBELA

    Officer - Knowledge & Innovation
    Knowledge & Innovation
  • UITP Staff

    Anne MORDRET

    Senior Manager - Knowledge & Innovation
    Knowledge & Innovation
  • Committee Chair

    Antonio VALENTE

    Director of Security and Surveillance
    Metropolitano de Lisboa
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