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Design & Culture


A little background

Comfortable and attractive vehicles, inclusive signage, state-of-the-art stations: good design is necessary to achieve great things in public transport and ensure the efficient functioning of the whole urban mobility system. Design and culture go far beyond aesthetics: they are an integral part of any public transport project and are fundamental to enhance customer experience and influence the cultural fabric of a city. It is where creative professionals meet engineers and economists and together craft solutions that make urban mobility safer, more sustainable and accessible, or just simply more miraculous.

What do we do?

UITP has a long history of providing a platform to exchange and develop knowledge on design and architecture to develop solutions for spaces, services or components. We gather disciplines including product design, architecture, identity design, signage, information and interface design, landscape and urban planning. A select group of our members gather together as part of a Committee to work and develop knowledge on this topic.


  • UITP Staff

    Cynthia MBELA

    Officer - Knowledge & Innovation
    Knowledge & Innovation
  • Committee Chair

    Andrew MEAD

    Chief Architect, MTR Corporation Limited (MTRC)
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