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Transport Economics


A little background

Regardless of their specific financial situations, urban transport providers all over the world are continually looking to strengthen their current funding model, as well as develop new sources of revenue. Fortunately, public transport, cities and businesses thrive simultaneously: there’s a potential win-win-win situation here.

Public transport provides an increased connectivity to businesses, allowing more people to travel smoothly within the urban space available. The math is simple: more people reaching more employment and businesses more easily will result in more job opportunities, sales and tourism, spurring local economic growth.

As the backbone of any sustainable urban mobility system, public transport brings value to cities, individuals and local businesses, and we must work together to ensure the mutual success of all three
Pere Calvet
UITP President (2017-2021), General Director, FGC

What do we do?

UITP engages with local governments and businesses to encourage investments in public transport infrastructure, as well as to explore the benefits of innovative funding mechanisms, such as Land Value Capture, to apportion a fair part of the economic value generated by the increase in land value where public transport is developed. There is no doubt that public transport is always a sound investment.

At UITP, we are furthermore playing our role within the Transport Economics Committee to share new financial strategies to improve efficiency and reduce costs by increasing customer focus, thereby improving value for money and increasing the attractiveness of our services.


  • UITP Staff


    Manager - Knowledge & Innovation
    Knowledge & Innovation
  • UITP Staff

    Cynthia MBELA

    Officer - Knowledge & Innovation
    Knowledge & Innovation
  • Committee Chair

    Julian WARE

    Head of Major Project Funding, Transport for London (TFL)
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