Wrapping up IT-TRANS 2018... over to Olivier!

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IT-TRANS 2018 has officially concluded and it’s safe to say that our brilliant keynote speaker Olivier Van Duüren’s speech was a resounding success!

Warmly listened to by our engaged conference audience, Olivier spoke and the room listened.

Olivier’s speech was so well received that our social media channels have been singing ever since with talk of the future and all things sparkle!

In order to bring our event to a conclusion, we sat down with Olivier to get his thoughts on the 2018 edition of IT-TRANS, the reaction to his speech and what is next for our conference Man of the Moment.

So without further ado, Over To Olivier…

IT-TRANS is very much at the forefront when it comes to conferences in the public transport and digitalisation sectors. What do you think those who attended will take away from this year’s edition?

I hope people understood that to stay young, to hit refresh, to future proof and to re-imagine their business strategy and culture, ready for the digital age, they will need to re-balance existing or adding new investments to create enhanced value in the traveler, employee and ecosystem experience. Ultimately it is to deliver future stakeholders value while taking care of the planet and the people. To do that public and private will need to act as one, non-competing, all aligned around a common purpose on the future of a shared sustainable mobility.

public and private will need to act as one, non-competing, all aligned around a common purpose 

And digital will act as the oxygen.

It’s safe to say that your speech was very warmly received in the room – in fact our social media channels have been responding to it ever since. Is it easy to ‘read the room’ when making a keynote speech? Did you expect such a great reaction?

When you have a talk on ‘How to find your sparkle in the future of mobility’, you better make sure you sparkle your audience in the delivery. I am therefore very pleased to see and hear they felt inspired and apparently somehow sparkled. I try to improve every performance as I want to learn constantly.

I always try to do 3 things when I present
1. Shoot for their heart, because people remember when they are emotionally connected with your story. Maya Angelou once said ‘People forget what you said, forget what you did, but never how you made them feel’.
2. Capture their mind, which is the rational part of the brain, and the rational part of your audience.
3. Make them smile, because humor releases energy, can facilitate social interactions and contributes to higher subjective wellbeing.

I believe it is about telling your story so people act on your ideas. Communicating your ideas is the currency of today to evolve your personal and business brand. If interested you can also read a blog I wrote about Story Telling here

Communicating your ideas is the currency of today to evolve your personal and business brand

You also took part in our on-camera interview for IT-TRANS TV. How was this experience for you? We also had some great feedback online for this!

It is more static than to be ‘performing’ live on stage and somewhat hard for me as I like to move around when I talk. Doing live TV-captions at an event is good as it is snappy and reflects the temperature of the event’s key messages!

And finally, what is next for you? Do you envision further expansion for ‘The Dualarity’?

People in today’s world are on a quest for identity, in need for inspiration, in hope for serendipity and in pursuit for mutual respect. We need to create a world where humanity, science, nature, innovation and progress will lead to happiness for all, and this includes those who are left behind. A future worth fighting for! Right? I want to contribute to that by helping people and businesses to see what is happening around them, understand its implications and how to respond to find balance in performing while transforming.

I will continue to be on-stage, give sense to trends and whisper in the ears of executives. New for me will be to enjoy my first steps as a professor in an international business school for technology and innovation and publish my second book (draft title ‘Visual Innovation Hacking’) end of 2018. It is not about time management, but energy management therefore focused on following my passion, as passion is the ultimate expression of your talent.


A final thanks to Olivier for his brilliant speech, his attendance at our Conference and for his inspirational words that encourage us all to find our sparkle!

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