Bus Tender Structure Report 2020

June 2020

UITP Tender Structure Document 3.1 released in 2020 and replaces the previous version from 2018.

The new chapter 17 deals with Electromobility. The update was necessary to incorporate a first round of comments. There are no fundamental comments, more unclear formulations or references, wording or terms, text-layout. Nevertheless as we took it seriously a full review of the TSD was done and is now available for the benefit of all UITP members.

We have the perception, that it would be of interest to know about reactions and comments from ‘the market' e.g. from PTO / PTA´s. But in order to get these, we need first leave the time to the market and to the broader UITP membership to test and use these guidelines!

Our medium term target to have an update / revision for the TSD till UITP Summit 2021 / Melbourne is still valid.

Access the full Report on MyLibrary here (members only)!

Non-UITP members who are interested in the report, please contact publication@uitp.org.

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