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Technological innovation
UITP awards nominee

"Be in, be out" seamless customer experience

mobyyou BV

    Elevator pitch
    mobyyou uniquely combines personal ID management with location-based payments, guaranteeing integrated customer journeys. Users flow seamlessly in a "Be in, Be out" mobility experience, resulting in a frictionless trip to the customer's destination.
    Project description

    Other payment options require a physical action to validate or buy a ticket. But “Be in, Be out” allows passengers to simply walk into and out of the bus. No more physical cards or tickets, no more worrying about enough balance or forgetting to tap out. Customers can even upgrade to first class by simply entering first class.

    Just their presence in the bus or train, with the mobyyou app on their smartphone, will activate a ‘virtual ticket’ and open the access gate anonymously. With this, PT operators can improve the customer experience, lower cost, and increase revenue.

    Additional opportunity comes from executing smart collaborations with destinations. For example, from affiliate fees when a customer orders a coffee on the bus, and the passenger then seamlessly skips the queue for pick-up.

    Innovative features

    Proprietary technology that enables “Be in, Be out” allows passengers to move in and out of mobility vehicles hands-free. No physical action is required, like checking in or out at a validator, or topping up a balance.

    Passengers can even activate the STOP button on their bus from their mobile phone to exit at a desired stop. Alongside this, customers can also see real-time arrivals of upcoming stops.

    Via integration with the operator, mobyyou guarantees that passengers can travel anonymously or with any personal subscription that operators provide. And it allows a seamless control mechanism for both drivers and service & safety personnel to validate travel rights.

    Finally, there is instant splitting of affiliate fees for items that have been purchased by passengers on the bus.

    Impact features

    Passenger love it! They rave about just walking off the bus to check-out. No stress to find a PT or banking card, to tap the right validator, or to wait in queue to get off. Just move. The results are clear. After 60 days of usage, only 2 of 2000 verified customers deleted their account. That’s a retention rate of 99.9%!

    Thanks to this, we received the go-ahead from both the operator and the PT authority (Province of Noord-Brabant) for further rollout to the whole of South-East Brabant, where 250 buses host over 10 million rides per year. As well, authorities support mobyyou because they see opportunities to give disabled people easier access to PT and local destinations.

    • 99.9%

      60 day retention rate

    • Programme expansion

      to support 10 million journeys a year

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