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Public and urban transport strategy
UITP awards nominee

Integrating feeder buses for the M4 Kadıköy-Tavşantepe Metro


  • Public and urban transport strategy
Elevator pitch
The project was designed to better integrate the M4 Metro. Integrations include time, route, fare, digital information. It is a free-of-charge integration between metro and bus lines to make public transport more attractive. To this end, digital and visual information is shared with passengers.
Project description

Bus lines in Istanbul are longer than the common standard. This situation negatively affects traffic flow and efficiency in transportation plans. With this project, we aimed to reduce traffic on the E5 highway and to increase journey capacity with faster transport and free metro integration.

To faciltate greater access, the frequencies of lines reaching the metro from 4 districts, where about 2 million people live, have been increased. When it comes to stops with heavy usage, we have distributed the demand to other stops on same axle. Thanks to the project, the number of vehicles in traffic was decreased, frequency of trips was increased, and occupation rate of each vehicle was reduced.

Ultimately, the project aims to spread the culture of intermodal transfers.

Innovative features

The project was first simulated with software and implemented according to the outputs. The main feed line modeled by İETT provides an example for the other regions of Istanbul and the new metro lines that will be opened.

Thanks to this modelling, inefficient lines in the region were also identified. As a result, we have restructured the number of lanes and free flow speed options of the Istanbul bus transportation network, as well as the stops, lines, and time departures of all modes.

Line and stop-based journeys were simulated with different transport scenarios. Passenger satisfaction was ensured by analysing passenger feedback before and after the project was implemented.

Efficient method of transportation

After the project, traffic on the E5 highway reduced. Thanks to the free, efficient integration provided between subway and feeder lines, the daily capacity of subways increased by 10,000.

As well, by distributing the demand across various stops with heavy usage, journey distribution was more balanced and excessive passenger traffic at stops decreased.

On the whole, the number of trips taken increased from 1,185 to 1,244, a rise of about 5%. More than this, passenger capacity grew by 5,900. And with the shortening of lines to ensure metro integration, a total profit of over 90 million Turkish Lira (TRY) was achieved by saving 13,015km per day with 39 buses.

  • 10,000 increase in

    the daily capacity of subways

  • 5% jump in

    the number of passenger journeys

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