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Climate and Health
UITP awards nominee

More sustainable transport for Greater Vitória

Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (Espírito Santo)

  • Climate and Health
Elevator pitch
Aiming to implement a global system of environmental sustainability in the public transport system and bus companies in Greater Vitória, the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure, Government of Espírito Santo will complete this process by implementing environmental practices and sustainable technologies.
Project description

In addition to the use of electric buses and solar energy in terminals, garages, and companies, we started a process to improve environmental sustainability, improving air quality, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and minimising the amount of waste sent to landfills.

We also carry out sustainability actions to promote behavioural changes across the team, generating continuous changes throughout the process, utlimately regularising the entire company process.

In the long term, our project will improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, turn costs into profits, increase recycling, and contribute to a better quality of life.

Innovative features

We invested in the adoption of modern electric buses and the use of solar energy in 10 passenger terminals, as well as in the garages.

We carry out environmental education actions, through training with all employees, to disseminate knowledge and care for the environment. This takes into consideration a range of aspects:

  • Increasing recycling of materials and reduce risks of environmental contamination through periodic training
  • Minimisation of waste disposal in landfills and contaminated material
  • Systemic assessments of sustainability processes throughout the system chain
  • Systemic assessments of environmental procedures in garages and waste management, including transport and final disposal, within the ESG policy and SDG/UN

Impact features

  • Behavioural changes. Through the dissemination of knowledge, we enhanced the satisfaction of system users and the local communities. And importantly, employee satisfaction with modifications and improvements made in work structures.
  • Energy reduction. Based on, for example, incentives to reuse materials and water, plus the implementation of reverse logistics. Ultimately, leading to the reduction of greenhouse gases (measured with monthly opacity control).
  • Reduced risk of negative environmental outcomes. Namely, on the contamination of soil and water. This includes compliance with the parameters established by law, through periodic monitoring of environmental noise. As well, the conservation of water bodies and sewage systems carried out through periodic water analysis.
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