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The end of diesel: EMT announces a 100% clean bus fleet


  • Climate and Health
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Madrid is the undisputed leader in the decarbonisation of public transport. Since the end of 2022, EMT's fleet is 100% clean and green: 1,915 gas buses and 180 electric buses are already in operation, with 10 hydrogen buses and 150 more electric buses set to be added throughout the year.
Project description

EMT’s Strategic Plan, a part of the Madrid 360 strategy linked to the European Green Deal and European and national Recovery and Resilience plans, includes among its fundamental short- and medium-term commitments the decarbonisation of the urban surface transport service.

On this, EMT has designed an ambitious programme to decarbonise urban mobility in the city of Madrid. The first commitment made by EMT was the elimination of diesel buses, achieved the 31st December 2022. In addition, the construction of new sustainable infrastructure (Operations Centres), the use of mobility technologies and clean energies, and the acquisition of ‘zero emission’ buses, namely electric vehicles and hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles.

Innovative features

The electrification of the Carabanchel Operations Centre should be highlighted. It is a unique transformation in Europe: the conversion of a diesel and CNG bus depot into a modern and innovative centre for electric buses. This is the largest pilot project of its kind in Europe and the most important in the world.

• Installation of 52 inverted pantographs in a single electric canopy on a metal structure.
• 52 pantographs supporting loads of up to 450 kW and a combined power of 5 MW.
• Fire detection system using infrared thermal cameras and flame detectors.
• Automatic extinguishing system using sprinklers, detectors, and F500 encapsulating additive (F500 can reduce the temperature by 600 degrees Celsius in a few seconds).

Impact features

The scheme resulted in several social benefits, in particular the full decarbonisation of surface public transport. This change will affect the 3.3 million inhabitants of Madrid, plus the 1 million who regularly access the capital and its 5.6 million visitors per year. Moreover, these benefits can be replicated in other cities and companies in the sector.

As well, the programme made a great impact when it comes to clean power:

  • Photovoltaic panels implemented: 8,819
  • Energy produced: 5,392,500 Kwh/year (self-consumption 92%)
  • Energy fed into the grid (sold): 439,000 Kwh/year (8%)
  • Energy sold to the grid for consumption: powered 133.64 homes
  • CO2 reduction/year: 1,348 tonnes

Not to mention, of course, the hugely positive impacts of electric buses on both emissions and finances compared to diesel buses:

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