Clean Shuttle buses at COP23: the future of transport taking you direct to all zones

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As the attendees of COP23 step off the train at UN Bonn Campus, a fleet of clean shuttle buses await to transport them to the Conference zones.

The Clean Shuttle – the low-emission travel option to the United Nations Climate Change Conference – are being used during the entire 11 days of COP23 to ensure low emission travel for all visitors. The buses run all day and are advertised by signs on the bus stops, in the Conference centres and on the buses themselves. UITP features on the advertising alongside our partners at ITF, VDV and Ver.di. Transport companies from across Germany organised the Clean Shuttle with battery, hydrogen and hybrid buses – and the buses are becoming the talk of the Conference!

Hydrogen Europe, the leading industry association with more than 100 company members, partnering with EU & global stakeholders to develop hydrogen & fuel cells technologies, advertised the clean shuttle option on their social media feeds.

Bonnglobal, the official account for the Federal City of Bonn also encouraged all COP23 attendees to use the clean shuttle buses – as did Revolve Media and The Stadtwerke Bonn bus and train company. The clean shuttles are also the talk of those they are transporting. Travellers could be heard commenting on not only the convenience of a continuous shuttle bus, but also on the positive environmental impact.

With friendly drivers and plenty of space, visitors from across the world were praising the positive steps taken by the United Nations Climate Change Conference to offer this ground-breaking transport option. A group of American visitors describe the buses as ‘the future of the bus right here at COP23!’ and two visitors from Norway label the clean shuttles as ‘quiet, convenient and a great message for the Conference’.

The routes are providing fast connections between the event venues, the city centre and the airport on all days of the Conference – and in a bonus to attendees your congress pass entitles you to free use of the Clean Shuttle. 

It seems everyone attending COP23 knows they can rely on the buses to take them to the Bula and Bonn Zones on time, in comfort and with an environmentally-friendly message along for the ride.

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