Climate action

Climate Action with Public Transport

Each year the climate talks (COPs) provides the opportunity for countries, cities, the business sector, investors and civil society to assess progress made towards achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change and share ideas, recommendations and information that can contribute towards achieving the Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

In September 2019, UITP launched a Climate Action Manifesto as part of its 'One Planet, One Plan' campaign to ensure that decision makers recognise the important role public transport has to play in the fight against local emissions and climate change. Head to the dedicated campaign website to find out more and get involved!

Global Climate Action Partnership

The Paris Agreement established a dedicated partnership mechanism, termed the Marrakesh Partnership, to strengthen collaboration between governments and key stakeholders to scale up climate action. UITP’s Declaration on Climate Leadership is an officially recognised collaborative action under the Partnership.  It demonstrates the sector’s commitment to climate change and at the UN Climate Summit pledged over 350 projects to climate action in over 80 cities around the world.  UITP continues to encourage its members to pledge even more projects because making cities more public transport-oriented and compact, combined with improving infrastructure for non-motorised transport, it could reduce GHG intensities by up to 50% compared with 2010 levels.

The UITP Declaration shows that climate action with public transport is possible and each year UITP reports progress on project implementation.  It helps demonstrate that public transport is a key solution to tackling emissions which will allow countries to be more ambitious on climate change in support of the Paris Agreement.

Read the UITP Sustainability Charter and find the full list of UITP Sustainability Charter signatories!


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