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This project seeked to both increase the bus ridership and its level and quality of service and to adapt the bus offer to the European urban and economic context. In order to study European BHLS implementation, to develop a comprehensive approach to bus provision and to sort out best practices, a collaboration among 14 European countries was launched through a COST Action approved in April 2007 called “Buses with a High Level of Service (BHLS)”. The objectives of this COST BHLS group were to share current state of the art and know-how in order to capitalise the best practices and to understand how to enhance the bus image, to find and compare the key results as well as to understand the limits and difficulties of the BHLS implementation.


  • Duration: October 2007 – October 2011
  • Budget: Only travel and hotel allowances were covered by the budget
  • Coordinator: CERTU, François Rambaud with UITP, International Association of Public Transport, as partner

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Tel: +32 2 788 01 21

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