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UITP regularly collects a wealth of data related to public transport and urban mobility. As the organisation promoting public transport worldwide, UITP is the main source of information and figures regarding the sector. Information is collected via a wide range of channels and is used to inform UITP members and the public, as well as support our advocacy objectives and highlight the essential role of public transport in urban areas worldwide. UITP regularly publishes statistical findings in the form of Statistics Briefs, Databases and In-depth reports which cover a wide range of topics relevant to the sector.

Please find below a selection of the publications currently available. For more information about data sets, future publications and updates, please send your request to

October 2011

Buses with High Level of Service – BHLS – are a way of improving the efficiency of the bus system through improved reliability, as well as customer support and marketing.

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April 2011
Observatory of employment in public transport - 1

The first edition of the Observatory of Employment in Public Transport provided, for the first time, a worldwide estimate of the number of jobs created by urban public transport.

December 2009

This study looks at passenger transport services provided both at urban and suburban level in Russia and Ukraine by public transport companies.

June 2008

This report presents the public transport environment on the African continent emphasising notably the level of regulatory and institutional reform, operational mechanisms and the past and current threats to the proper functioning of the transport system.

November 2007

This publication presents the result of a survey on the bus fleet in the European Union, conducted in 2007.

October 2006

Suburban and regional rail transport plays an important role in transporting commuters to the urban centres in Europe.


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