EURFORUM - European Research Forum for Urban Mobility


The idea behind EURFORUM was to involve key urban mobility stakeholders in the definition of research priorities for the sector and to ensure a better coordination of the research that was already being done.The project covered all relevant transport modes (road-, rail-, and waterborne-based) and focused both on technology-oriented and on policy-oriented research. One of the project's priorities was the integration and harmonisation of urban and regional transport systems in the New EU Member States.

The project looked at the existing transport-related European Technology Platforms (primarily ERRAC and ERTRAC) in order to be able to draw from their public transport-related activities, and also to avoid duplication of work.


  • Duration: April 2006 – November 2007
  • Budget: 400,000 €
  • Coordinator: UITP, International Association for Public Transport


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