1st Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon Montreal 2017

1st Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon Montreal 2017
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The Youth For Public Transport (Y4PT) Foundation, with the support of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), its members and other stakeholders, and following the long-standing tradition of the Y4PT Youth Lab series, is promoting the organization of local transport hackathons around the world during the 2016-2017 season, by combining the best of boundless human creativity and the benefits of current information and communications technologies (ICTs) in collaborative environments, with the aim of advancing transport sector towards sustainability.
Winners from each local transport hackathon will join other Canada-based hackers at the 1st Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon Montreal 2017 ( http://www.y4pt.org/projects/hackathon ) in the framework of the 62nd UITP Global Public Transport Summit Montreal 2017 – the world’s oldest, largest and top leading sustainable transport event – to contest in a final round for unveiling the world’s best ground-breaking transport solutions.
Many major cities around the world are hosting the first local transport hackathons. Other cities are also welcome to join us.
Different local stakeholders such as universities, youth groups, ICT companies, transport operators, authorities, start-up mentors and hackers are called to collaborate with Y4PT and to be part of the world’s first-ever global transport hackathon and the world’s top leading transport innovation contest, acknowledged by the European Mobility Week Secretariat as one of the best practices of 2017.
Everyone is invited to get on board. This is an one-off opportunity to show to your audience and users how important is for you to support this kind of events where innovation and creativity is putting forward new ICT-related solutions to boost both the private sector business performance and the public sector policy efficacy, and thus to unlock new opportunities to expand, diversify and renew your organization’s portfolio of products and services.

Further information on the 1st Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon Montreal 2017 at http://www.y4pt.org/projects/hackathon , or please contact:
Mrs. Alessandra GORINI
Co-Founder and Executive Director of Y4PT-UITP Foundation

Mr. Sebastián PERNET
Co-Founder and Member of the Board of Directors of Y4PT-UITP Foundation

Follow up the Y4PT Transport Hackathon series on social networking/media websites ( http://www.y4pt.org/social-networks ) such as FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInInstagram and YouTube by using the hashtag #Y4PThackathon .
1st Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon Montreal 2017

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