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Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin, is an example of a distributed ledger technology (DLT). A DLT is a virtual decentralised database or ledger, maintaining a permanent and tamper-proof record of transactional data. It is managed by computers allowing a peer-to-peer (P2P) network, whereby each of the peers (computers) in the network maintains a copy of the ledger. Peers can add new transactions to the block as long as they comply with previously agreed protocols (rules). All copies are updated and validated automatically and simultaneously.

This one day crash course proposes to demystify Blockchain and clarify its potential for urban mobility and public transport. As the topic remains new and its evolution partly unknown, the topic will be addressed by showcasing state-of-the art of where we are and what we know as of today.

Lead trainer

Our lead trainer is Alok Jain, former D. Operations Director of KMB Hong Kong and General Manager-Marketing of MTR Corporation. Managing Director, Trans-Consult Asia, Hong Kong


Alok Jain, former D. Operations Director of KMB Hong Kong and General Manager-Marketing of MTR Corporation. Managing Director, Trans-Consult Asia, Hong Kong



9.00 - Opening of the course and Introduction

Session 1- Understanding the context: Challenges of data security and data protection

  • Huge amount of private data collection
  • Surveillance and face recognition systems
  • Cybersecurity and hacking
  • Financial and technological impacts

Session 2 - Demystifying Blockchain - an accidental innovation

  • Mining of digital coins
  • Concept of distributed ledger
  • Why Blockchain is more secure than other methods
  • How Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence have fueled the adoption towards Blockchain

12.30 -13.30 - Lunch

Session 3 - Limitations and constraints of Blockchain

  • If blockchain is so good why it is not getting adopted faster
  • Buzzword or a real game-changer

Session 4 - Possible applications of Blockchain in public transport

  • Ticketing systems, payment and Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
  • Operational Management (e.g. Vehicle Scheduling and Crew Rostering)
  • Maintenance of data management
  • Contracts, legal and procurement
  • Shared mobility (e.g. peer-to-peer car sharing, bike sharing etc.)

16.00: End of the course 


Registration Deadline: 30 May 2019

Member / Non-member 

450 € (excl.VAT)

VAT not applicable for this programme with the following exception:

21% VAT charge will be applied for companies based in member countries of the EU that do not provide / or do not have a VAT number.
21% VAT charge will be applied to companies based in Belgium with or without VAT number.

Participation fees include:

  • Training instruction
  • Lunch and coffee breaks
  • All training documents: Binder including all presentations and supporting documents; Access to all training material via UITP's electronic library, MyLibrary (after the training)

Groups generally consist of 25 participants and are limited to about 30 in order to increase the learning experience and interaction during the programme. Places allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Terms and Conditions

Please download our Terms and Conditions here.

Contact Person

Sunita Kelecom, Training Assistant, UITP Centre for Training,, Tel: +32-2-663 66 57

Practical information: 

Training Venue

Kollektivtrafikens hus (The Public Transport house)
Meeting room Loungen (ground floor)
Centralplan 3
111 20 Stockholm

Located next to the Central Station of Stockholm / Metro stop: T-Centralen (lines 10-11-13-14-17-18-19)


Participants are responsible for making their own hotel reservation.

Hotel Terminus Stockholm (****)
Vasagatan 20
111 20 Stockholm
Phone : +46 8 440 16 70

Nordic Light Hotel (****)
Vasaplan 7
111 20 Stockholm
Phone : +46 (0) 8 50 56 32 00

Freys Hotel (****)
Bryggargatan 12, Box 594
101 31 Stockholm
Phone : +46 8-506 213 00


Alok Jain, former D. Operations Director of KMB Hong Kong and General Manager-Marketing of MTR Corporation. Managing Director, Trans-Consult Asia, Hong Kong



This training programme is kindly hosted by HOGIA

The Hogia Group comprises 27 companies in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom with a total of 600 employees. Six of the largest Scandinavian public transport authorities use Hogia PubTrans, as their core business platform, resulting in more than 70% of Scandinavian public transport journeys being handled by Hogia´s standard software.

PubTrans ensures a precise, consistent and harmonized view of the operation covering the needs before, during and after each journey. For everyone involved.

Hogia has a cutting-edge, real-time public transport solution, Hogia TransitCloud that moves the logic provided by the traditional on-board equipment into the cloud. TransitCloud eliminates the need for each vehicle to monitor and report its own arrivals and departures since TransitCloud performs this function centrally. TransitCloud is seamlessly integrated with Hogia PubTrans. Real-time information simplifies travel by public transport.

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