Condition Based Maintenance: Why, How and When?

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One of the questions we hear frequently from train operating companies worldwide is this: “What is the impact of Condition Based Maintenance on fleet maintenance costs?” According to recent independent studies, train operating companies can save up to 15% on their maintenance budgets but it all depends on the measurement technology chosen and the understanding of the data.

In this webinar we will:

  • Compare the available technology
  • Show how you can start saving money
  • Discuss an inspiring business case: the experiences of a major train operator

Target audience

Train operating companies looking for ways to maintain their fleet in a safer, more efficient and cost-effective way.


Glyn ArthurGlyn Arthur is head of Global Business Development at Televic Rail. He joined the company in early 2018 after spending over twenty five years in the defense and aerospace sector with two major technology companies.  Glyn is a published author on subjects such as Big Data Analytics and Predictive Maintenance.



Join us on 19 March 2019 at 10.30 am Brussels time for this free webinar!

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Contact Person

Andrea Soehnchen, Business Development Manager, 



The webinar is presented by Televic Rail.

Get insights from sector experts and from manufacturers with a proven track record in developing and maintaining Condition Based Monitoring tools.

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