IIID Traffic & Transport Forum 2017

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Information as a (Public) Service

The Traffic & Transport Forum 2017 in partnership with UITP will focus on the role of information design in the public domain between people, communities, public transport, standards and identity.

Ever more players are involved in providing mobility services and information: communities, public transport providers, vehicle rentals, automobile companies, apps based on crowd and open sourced data, and many more. While a seamless journey may be physically possible, providing a manageable and understandable information environment has turned into a major challenge. And it raises a number of questions:

  • Who owns information (design) for mobility – designers, communities, transport providers?
  • Can public authorities impose design qualities on private services?
  • How can design qualities for private services be defined?
  • Who moderates/advocates the design process in the public interest?
  • Can communities find a balance between the urge to standardise and the need to localise?

The IIID Traffic and Transport Forum 2017 will investigate mobility services as part of community identity, how design affects the perception of a location and its visual identity. The Forum will talk about anticipating future information needs and technologies for mobility and transitions between data sources and services.


Contributions are invited from:

  • Information designers
  • Transport providers
  • Transport authorities
  • Communities and municipalities
  • Data and information service providers
  • other professionals who can contribute to a lively debate.

Submission deadline: 31 March 2017
Announcement of acceptance: 28 April 2017
Speaker registration deadline: 30 June 2017

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More information on the Traffic & Transport Forum 2017 website: http://ttf.iiid.net/

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