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Grow your City with Public Transport

With the world population exceeding more than seven billion and expected to reach eight billion by 2025, moving either by land,
water or air, is becoming a challenge, especially during a time where resources are running short. Mass transport is the most
efficient method, which has been proven in many cities, studies and research and not only saves energy but is also safe, reliable
and accessible for everyone.

UITP (The International Association for Public Transport) has been supporting the development of public transport worldwide
since 1885, where today it is strong with more than 3,400 members representing government, operators, industry, and research
institutions. One of UITP’s many ambitions has been doubling the share of public transport by the year 2025 compared to 2005.
UITP has been present in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region with members since the mid 1900’s and is the reference
today with the largest network of public transport professionals gathered in its MENA Division.

The MENA Region is developing rapidly with mega urban development projects that account for billions of dollars from North Africa
across the GCC all the way to Iran. In this context, the UITP MENA Congress and Exhibition is the largest event for public transport
in the region and in 2014, Dubai Roads & Transport Authority is kindly hosting the 1st edition of the event. Grow your city with
Public Transport is the vision for this event which will cover Public Transport development from the beginning stage of preparing
the city till the realization and operation of advanced systems. It will concentrate not only on public transport but all characteristics
of urban development and infrastructure which have an impact on people’s mobility. The Congress will take you through a journey
of mass transport in the modern city with all aspects of legislations, regulations, design, building, implementation, financing,
marketing, operation, innovation and vision. And the Exhibition will show the latest innovations developed by leading public
transport manufacturers and suppliers.

Looking forward to meeting you in Dubai in April 2014!

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