Study Tour on Public Transport in Latin America

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Curitiba, Sao-Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago
  • Latin America


The 33 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean have a similar structure for public transport system; the majority of rails system has public operation and bus system with private operation.

This generated systems with their own characteristics, efficient rail systems but with small networks seen the low investment capacity of governments in recent decades; on the other hand bus networks with private operation became extensive and the main means of transport for the population of large cities in Latin America.

The study tour aims to experience the different modes; Metro, LRT, Bus, BRT and their integration in different Latin American cities. The planned cities will be:

  • Curitiba
  • Sao-Paulo
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Santiago

Target Audience

  • Project managers, engineers and other professionals eager to learn more about the different modes in Latin America
  • Staff from public transport or authorities planning to extend different solution to the core part of the urban public transport network
  • Planning, Maintenance, Operation and management departments from the Public Transport operators and authorities
  • Professionals interested in obtaining a wider and international perspective on BRT , Bus and rail to learn more from international best practice





Registration Fee

  • 1-9  Registration: 1900 EUR per participant

Special Price for Group Registrations

  • 10 Registrations: 1590 EUR per participant
  • 11 Registrations: 1450 EUR per participant
  • 12 Registrations: 1340 EUR per participant
  • 13 Registrations: 1240 EUR per participant
  • 14 Registrations: 1140 EUR per participant
  • 15 Registrations: 1060 EUR per participant

The Study Tour Capacity is limited to 15 people. Please contact for extra capacity.

Please note that this amount doesn't include:

  • International and Intercity flights/Transportation
  • Meals
  • Hotels
  • Personal expenses of participants

Practical information: 

Please contact for practical info.


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