Travel Information Design, Signage and Wayfinding

Travel Information Design, Signage and Wayfinding
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“Information is half of any mobility service”

Participants recommend this programme

"This training has been a real boon. I am grateful for the community of professionals that participated, and will return to my office energized by the breadth and depth of the knowledge conveyed. Thank you for a great three days, and the possibility to stay connected with a stellar network of international colleagues."
(Lance Glover, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority - Paris edition, 2018)

What to expect

The aim of this training programme is to provide attendees with a full overview of what is at stake while building and maintaining a travel information strategy focused on the user needs and capabilities. The programme will introduce and illustrate a practical toolbox of methods needed to actually design and deliver efficient information systems all through the user journey, organized in five main categories: space related information, time related information, orientation, disruption and construction works, behaviours & rules.

The programme also includes a technical visit to the public transport network of central Paris. It will focus on the existing travel information systems and will be combined with a practical exercise offering hands-on experience to participants.

Reach your objectives

  • Building a travel information master plan with a user centred focus;
  • Building an appropriate information design strategy to fit with the specific nature and any actual constraints of your network;
  • Building a signs system able to serve maps, wayfinding and digital  displays at the same time;
  • Designing the passenger information system in line with the digital ambitions of the passenger transport operator or authority.

More concretely the programme will teach how to:

  • Make decisions about your maps design strategy;
  • Fit dynamic real time information in the user journey;
  • Build an appropriate wayfinding design strategy to fit with the specific nature of your network;
  • Deal with information needs during construction works;
  • Scale your travel information strategy in case of extensions or major changes in your network;
  • Benchmark your practice and your tools with all the other participants’ skills.

A top level methodology

  • Get inspired by our trainers, understand the main aspects of information design and learn from successful best practice
  • Participate to interactive plenary sessions with introduction by course leaders, presentation by the trainer and open discussion with participants
  • Challenge your practical knowledge on the effectiveness and quality of information
  • Address the topic from an international perspective, enriched by different cultural approaches and points of views
  • Participate to practical exercises on the field allowing you to apply on a concrete case the main principles and tools learned
  • Benefit from a unique exchange of knowledge and experience between professionals

UITP Training Programmes and all related processes are certified for ISO29990:2010 – the standard for learning services for non-formal education and training.

Who is it for?

  • In-house information designers, project managers, engineers and other professionals eager to learn more about passenger information design
  • Professionals with positions in passenger information and customer service departments
  • Staff from public transport operators or authorities eager to develop passenger information in their public transport networks
  • Staff from the industry worldwide involved in the market uptake of passenger information technology and design
  • Professionals interested in obtaining a wider and international perspective on passenger information design and eager to learn more from best practice worldwide

A good level of English is needed to attend this course.

Inspiring trainers

Our skilful trainers are composed of international experts and professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in passenger and information design.


Aïcha Konaté, User Researcher & Project Manager, Attoma, Paris, France
Christian Nordström, Design Manager, Ruter, Oslo, Norway