UITP Diploma Programme on New Mobility Services

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Continuous technical support 51-100:
Continuous technical support 101-250:
Continuous technical support 251-500:
Continuous technical support 501-1000:
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LMS fee 51-100:
LMS fee 101-250:
LMS fee 251-500:
LMS fee 501-1000:
Set-up and system administration <50:
Set-up and system administration 51-100:
Set-up and system administration 101-250:
Set-up and system administration 251-500:
Set-up and system administration 501-1000:

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UITP Diploma Programme on New Mobility Services
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The UITP Diploma Programme on New Mobility Services provides an industry recognised qualification for mobility professionals. This new Diploma Programme includes participation in three mandatory courses on New Mobility Services and one elective course to choose from selected topics as well as e-learning sessions.

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