Everybody Local Everywhere

April 2007
  • Communication, travel info & ticketing

Public transport contributes significantly to the transportation of citizens, not only within the borders of cities, regions and nations, but increasingly also beyond these borders. Right now, in many regions and nations, high investments are being made for the implementation of electronic ticketing projects with the goal to contribute to customer convenience and efficiency of public transport operations. Like in other industries in a competitive environment (banking and telecoms sector), technical interoperability and organisational cooperation should be established to make effective use of developments and to serve the customer better.

The vision Everybody Local Everywhere expresses the idea that public transport customers should feel welcome and comfortable anywhere they travel. They should be delivered coherent service with simplified interchanges, thorough information and hassle-free ticketing. When abroad, the travel experience should be as easy as for local travellers. The vision is one of seamless travel and seamless fares, as outlined below.

This UITP Focus Paper deals exclusively with developments within public transport related systems. However, it does not exclude the possibility of working with other sectors to develop and exploit innovative solutions to the issues discussed. The paper presents an overview of the issues and opportunities for electronic ticketing over the next decade in the light of current developments:


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