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tl (transports publics de la région lausannoise)

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This month on we are focusing on the topic of Human Resources in public transport and highlighting various innovative practices from around the world in the field. Today we’re taking a closer look at tl (the Lausanne regional public transport company in Switzerland) whose drivers use tablet computers to access information relevant to their work (work schedules, line maps, Intranet, email…)

tl’s road and rail drivers have been using tablets since 2011. They are also used by maintenance and supply management staff. tl staff use Samsung Galaxy tab 3 tablets.

Interview with Raphaël Corminboeuf, metro driver at tl

Starting at tl in 2001 as a bus driver, Raphaël Corminboeuf then trained as a rail driver and has been a driver on metro line m1 since 2003. He also acts as a contact person for his colleagues for questions regarding the use of the tablets (navigation, configuration…)

UITP: You use a tablet computer in your work: can you explain what exactly it is for?
Raphaël Corminboeuf: The tablet mainly helps us find all the information regarding our driving via our Intranet: service lines, road works or diversions. We used to receive all these documents in paper format. Now, this tool helps us to use a lot less of it. The rail drivers (metro line m1) also use this technology for in-service training thanks to a dedicated area on our Intranet. There they can find questionnaires and the regulations related to their work. It’s useful as we sit a test to renew our driving licence every five years.

UITP: What functionalities do the tablets have?
RC: As well as being able to access itl, tl’s Intranet, it also acts as a telephone. We can also use it to access our work emails.

UITP: How does this technology help you in your work? Does it make life easier?
RC: The tablet centralises all relevant information, avoiding unnecessary trips. Before we had to first go to the depot before starting a shift to see what the latest service updates were. Now, we just have to check our emails and the Intranet.

UITP: Does this initiative improve your job satisfaction?
RC: The practical and multi-functional aspects of the tablet are definitely an improvement. Nevertheless, network connection problems can disrupt their use. What’s more, certain colleagues have the impression that they need to constantly check for updates on their tablets which can be a bit demanding.

UITP: Have any of your colleagues experienced any difficulties in adapting to the new technology?
RC: Of the 640 tl drivers, certain colleagues have indeed experienced some difficulties in adapting to the use of tablets. It’s mainly people who have been with tl for a long time who are used to human contact to keep themselves informed. On the whole though, most of my colleagues have easily adapted their professional habits to this evolution.    

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