Large events & public transport: a winning team

June 2009
  • Communication, travel info & ticketing
  • Corporate management & human resources

The rise of large events

Cities are the theatre of a growing number of large events: sport competitions, concerts, cultural festivals, religious pilgrimages and business conventions, to name just a few. Increasingly several large events even occur at the same time. For instance about 4,000 large events take place in London (UK) every year and, on the weekend of the 7-8th
During the Olympic Games in Athens (Greece) in 2004, 22 million passengers journeys were made to/from the Olym- pic venues, 74% of which using public transport. During the Rugby World Cup in Paris (France) in 2007 about 3 million extra public transport passenger journeys were generated. The challenge is particularly acute in small and medium size cities. For instance, the Music festival in Werchter (Belgium) welcomes about 300.000 spectators every year in a small rural village of 3.200 inhabitants. The public transport service target is 40% of those visitors.

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