Light Rail latest figures

October 2015

Approximately 13.6 billion passengers boarded a tram or light rail vehicle in 2014 in the 388 cities where a system is running. Tramway and light rail systems have been on the up since the turn of the millennium: 78 cities have opened new networks since 2000, with the United States and France spearheading a revival period. Most tram systems are running in Europe (206 cities) and Eurasia (93 cities), Germany and Russia having the most networks.

Light Rail covers a wide range of mainly surface rail systems with enhanced service quality in terms of frequency, speed and reliability; pleasant design for stations and vehicles and advanced IT. All regions of the world have at least one light rail system in operation, with policy makers and transport planners in African and South American cities starting to consider LRT as a suitable solution to complement metro and Bus Rapid Transit systems.

Over 15,600 km of light rail infrastructure are being operated worldwide, with another 850 km under construction and 2,300 at the planning stage.

More details about LRT systems can be found in the freely available Statistics Brief below. The publication details the most frequented and the busiest systems, those with the longest infrastructure and the cities with largest LRT fleets in the world.


  • Laurent Dauby, UITP Director Rail Transport laurent.dauby(at)
  • Mircea Steriu, UITP Statistics Manager, mircea.steriu(at) 

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