Metros in the long run


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Metros are major capital assets of cities. Like any piece of infrastructure, they deteriorate over time, regardless of the routine maintenance efforts deployed. At some point, they need to be replaced or at least heavily refurbished. Many metros in the world are around 40 years old and some are much older. If you do nothing, performance and safety will suffer. And if you don't do it properly and on time, service delivery will soon suffer, leading to dissatisfied customers, passenger and fare losses.

How to refurbish ageing infrastructure assets? How to sell it to decision-makers?

Aware of the critical importance of such issues, the UITP Metro Committee is organising a one-day seminar where experienced top managers will explain their renovation strategies and plans, discuss aspects such as keeping service open or closed during work and above all, provide inspiration on how to 'sell' such costly projects to political decision-makers.

Three sessions, focusing on SAFETY, CUSTOMERS & COMFORT, and CAPACITY INCREASE will be followed by a CEO ROUND TABLE covering financing & organisation, as well as how to best approach and embark on refurbishment projects for decision-makers.

Metros in the long run - Keeping ageing infrastructure fit for the 21st century, 17 June, Berlin, Germany. More infomation

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