Mobility Champions Community

Public transport is at a turning point. In order to meet rising mobility and urban challenges, UITP and United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) have joined forces to launch a high-level platform for local and regional leaders to collaborate in building more accessible, efficient and liveable cities.

From cities to cities

The Mobility Champions Community is a platform oriented towards results. Political leaders (Champions) will organise their activities in thematic clusters, according to their priorities and strategic goals, in order to ensure at all times a dynamic exchange of best practices on various issues.

UCLG and UITP will support the Mobility Champions Community by adopting a holistic approach linking urban mobility with digital, social, environmental and economic aspects and ideas. Knowledge generated by the Champions will be shared at all the relevant international, national, regional and local stages.


Members of the Community will lead the discussion on urban mobility and increase their influence among peers and international organisations. They will benchmark policies, strategies and legislative frameworks impacting mobility, learning lessons from different regional contexts. They will be offered opportunities to promote resilient, social and gender balanced sustainable development for present and future generations, as well as showing the positive impacts of sustainable mobility strategies and plans on economy, business activity, health, tourism, and culture.


The Mobility Champions Community will facilitate:

• City to city peer reviews on policy and strategical topics
• International advocacy and representation
• Capacity building and professional training
• Study tours and twinning programmes
• International hackathons to pioneer innovation
• Guidelines and check-lists
• Research projects
• Awareness and communication campaigns
• Technical assistance
• Much more

Champions from all across the world are rising to the challenges. They are joining their voices, experiences and actions to build cities that urban dwellers want. By joining the Community, the Champions are acknowledging that planned mobility and a dynamic collaboration with public transport actors are key to achieve this objective.

Join the community

If you want to join the Mobility Champions Community, please contact Dionisio González at

To learn more about the initiative, please read our leaflet: EN FR ES DE POR

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